From 0 To 500k TikTok Followers, in 4 weeks with 0$ Budget
From 0 To 500k TikTok Followers, in 4 weeks with 0$ Budget

From 0 To 500k TikTok Followers, in 4 weeks with 0$ Budget

As a part of a new clothing brand for kids launch, we did an awareness campaign on TikTok for a client.

The client wanted to launch a new clothing brand for kids globally. He needed it to be done quickly and with no dedicated budget for Ads.

So, we had:

  • 4 weeks, to come up with something creative
  • 0$ budget, to promote the campaign
  • Non-existent previous experience with the TikTok platform.

Sounded like a perfect challenge for us.

After all, no matter how complex a client’s request is – We can do it!

The project

We split our work in 4 stagesResearchIdeation & PlanningExecutionSuccess Measurement


During the Research phase we spent a whole week on TikTok. We consumed the platform intensively, a few hours per day, every day, in order to notice any patterns in videos that have already gone viral, and to get to know the audience better.


In the Planning phase, we were looking for a winning formula for creating viral videos.

We tried to merge what we have learned during the Research phase with both Client needs and the time we allocated for the project.

Before we initiated brainstorming, we set some ground rules:

  • The content needs to be interesting globally, not just for one market
  • The production of the videos needs to be cheap, in line with client’s budget
  • The production of the videos needs to be quick, in line with client’s timeline


Once we came up with this idea of painting a keyboard in the colors of world countries’ flags, we tested it through the set of our rules. It turned out quickly that it fits all of them, it can be done in a cheap and quick way, it should definitely be interesting worldwide and on top of that, we had a lot of fun painting old keyboards.

30 videos were produced in 3 weeks, and posted online on TikTok.


4 weeks after we kicked off the project, we’ve already witnessed some great results.

Number of followers is growing by the hour and people are engaging and reacting to our videos asking for more content.

  • Started in February with 0 followers.
  • 0$ budget for promotion (we spent 100$ only for a keyboard and spray paints).
  • By mid April, it reached half a million followers.
  • Total number of Video likes grew past 9M.
  • The most viewed video reached 39M views and over 100K comments.
  • Videos watched across all continents.

The brand awareness (Kids 10-18 years) grew by 11,000% and not only that, but the brand was perceived as “cool” and “unique” by that same target audience.

The client was delighted with the results.

The campaign was a total success and was our way into trending platforms such as TikTok.

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